Supplier Adoption

Our non-intrusive approach, guarantees the highest supplier adoption rates. Over 90% of the suppliers you ask us to on-board will be sending freight invoices through the system within 8 weeks.

freight invoice processing

  • SUPPLIERS like us because we offer freight invoice submission solutions that are easy to adopt and non-intrusive: they don’t have to change their systems to send XML or EDI, they don’t have to log onto a 3rd party portal and they don’t have to install any software.
  • BUYERS like us because of the results: a more efficient and cost effective way to get 100% accurate freight invoice data ready for their ERP.
  • CLOUDTRADE’S quick and simple methodology simply adds structure to what is a simple process and can be managed by you or by CloudTrade on your behalf.

Are electronic signatures required?
In most North American, European and Asia Pacific countries, electronic signatures are not a requirement of the local tax authorities. In regions where they are not needed we do not encourage them, as they add cost, time and effort for the supplier (and buyer) and only act as a barrier that impacts supplier adoption. In regions where electronic signatures are a requirement, we support them.

What if the supplier is unable to send an ERP generated PDF?
If a supplier is unable to generate a text PDF from their ERP, there are a couple of options:

  • Use a free downloadable PDF driver. There a numerous PDF drivers available online, which allow you to print to PDF in the same way you print to a printer. Examples include: CutePDF or Bullzip
  • We support document formats such as: XML, HTML, EDI, DOC, CSV etc. that can be delivered either via email or a data transfer protocol such as SFTP, HTTPS, etc.

Does a supplier have to download any software to use CloudTrade?
No. As long as they can produce a freight invoice as a text document e.g. PDF, HTML, EDI, DOC, CSV etc. and can send via email, they don’t need to install any new software.

Can a supplier send more than one freight invoice per mail?
Yes. We can support almost all scenarios that a supplier can throw at us, including:

  • One freight invoice file on one email
  • Multiple freight invoice files on one email
  • Multiple freight invoices in the same file
  • Freight invoices and attachments in the same file
  • Freight invoice and attachments as separate files

Although PDF files are the most common file type we receive, we support any data file type, including: XML, HTML, EDI, DOC, CSV etc.

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