Integration to your ERP couldn’t be easier with CloudTrade.
Our proprietary software can convert freight invoices into any data format.

freight invoice processing

    Suppliers don’t have to change their billing systems or infrastructure, which is usually required in order to send XML or EDI freight invoices.
    Suppliers don’t have to duplicate their invoicing activity by logging onto a portal to submit their freight invoice.
    No investment is required to change systems.

Freight Invoice Processing Integration with your TMS or ERP

PDF’s are the most common type of freight invoice format currently being sent by carriers. The most common way to send them is by email but they can also be transmitted to CloudTrade using AS2, https, SFTP, etc.

CloudTrade’s depth of knowledge and expertise working with all of the major ERP providers allows us to work with customers who have developed match-pay processes. Integrating freight invoice data with your TMS or ERP system order data allows customers to allocate freight costs down to a SKU level and enriches purchase order and sales order data.

Question Suppliers Ask:

What is required from us?
The service has been designed with simplicity in mind, and that is to minimize the impact on your operations. All we ask is that you get your suppliers to send PDF freight invoices to an existing or new email address for us to collect and process. The data from each invoice will be extracted from the email and will be forwarded back to you for upload into your payment system for matching and processing.

Can I send any type of PDF?
The only constraint of the service is that the PDF must be machine generated, i.e. produced directly from the billing application raising the freight invoice. When a PDF is machine generated in almost all cases it will be a text PDF, with the freight invoice data items carried directly within the PDF.  Our service takes advantage of this and maps the data direct from the PDF to an electronic freight invoice structure – in other words, the service is akin to mapping one flavor of XML to another flavor of XML.

I’m unable to send a machine generated PDF.
If you are unable to generate a PDF straight from your billing application, other document formats are supported: XML, HTML, EDI, DOC, CSV.  The freight invoice can be delivered via email or via a data transfer protocol such as SFTP, HTTPS, etc. We set the appropriate service up for you.

Can I send more than one freight invoice per email, or include documentation?
Yes. CloudTrade’s ability to parse multiple invoices and supporting documents from a single email is one of the key differentiating features of our technology. We can process:

  • One freight invoice file on one email
  • Multiple freight invoice files on one email
  • Multiple freight invoices in the same file
  • Freight invoices and document attachments in the same PDF file
  • Freight invoice and document attachments as separate files

Can CloudTrade handle multiple languages?
Yes. Our system processes documents from multiple different languages and we work with our customers to enable specific language requirement requests.

Where do I send correspondence and other ‘non-freight invoice’ documents?
Any documentation that is not associated directly with the invoice (i.e. bill of ladings, POD’s, commercial invoices, etc.) should be sent to your normal customer contact.

Are you GDPR compliant and can you handle taxes like GST, PST, etc.
Yes, and our system is VAT compliant for invoices in Europe.

What software do I need to deploy?
None. As long as you can produce a freight invoice as a data document e.g. PDF, HTML, Word etc. and can send via email, you don’t need to install any new software.

What’s the cost?
The service is free for suppliers.

What email address do I send freight invoices to?
Please send all freight invoices to the email address detailed on the request email you received from your customer.

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