About CloudTrade

Why CloudTrade?

CloudTrade enables companies to overcome inefficient methods of freight invoice processing and transact digitally with trading partners regardless of their size or technical maturity. CloudTrade is one of the fastest growing e-invoice and e-document networks that connects over 200 organizations to thousands of their trading partners across numerous sectors and regions around the globe.

CloudTrade enables freight payment providers, 3PL’s and BPO’s to increase efficiencies, slash operational costs and increase throughput by eliminating the processing of PDF and paper invoices. Our cloud-based data hub will receive PDF invoices, extract all the necessary data elements and deliver them to your TMS system in a file format that meets your specifications.

How CloudTrade Works

By eliminating paper invoices, the digital data created by CloudTrade accelerates the speed of processing in our customers back office systems. By using a simple email address for the receipt of invoices, our supplier adoption rates are typically 80-90% for our e-invoicing customers. That reduces the cost of processing an invoice between 50-70%.

Who is CloudTrade?
CloudTrade was founded by our core team who have over 25 years of experience in Purchase to Pay and Accounts Payable automation. As the market is only about 15 years old, 25 years is quite impressive!

We have worked with leading edge technologies and services in this sector and founded CloudTrade to address an issue which we had repeatedly encountered: how do you create a technology that can provide 100% accuracy in the processing of structured documents like freight invoices – and yet has a low impact on suppliers?

What are the benefits of using CloudTrade?

CloudTrade delivers benefits to both sides of the trading relationship: from cost reduction, to increased control; from improving the ability to pay on time, to increasing visibility and transparency within your business.

Suppliers can produce their freight invoices in an easy and non-disruptive way that removes the need for changes to their applications, infrastructure or internal processes.

Due to the nature of machine generated PDFs (that almost all supplier systems can produce), freight invoices in the PDF format are equivalent to an XML or EDI file –ensuring accuracy of the data.

With this approach and our patented technology, a carrier no longer has any barriers to sending digital data, which means the onboarding process is very quick and efficient.  The invoice data can easily be delivered into your freight payment or back office system for processing in a file format that meets your need.  And, it’s done superfast!

What makes CloudTrade different?
We remove the barriers to supplier adoption – which results in reduced costs, accuracy of data, and high supplier adoption rates.

What software do I need to deploy?
Nothing for you or your suppliers! That’s the beauty of CloudTrade – no software is needed. If you are a supplier/sender we simply leverage what you already use – email – and there is no cost. For a buyer/receiver, freight invoices are delivered via your preferred approach: email, SFTP, HTTPS, FTP etc. – or are available for download from our on-line Portal.

Can I try before buying?
Yes! Book a demo to see how CloudTrade can benefit your organization and arrange a free trial today.

Get started processing freight invoices with CloudTrade’s patented technology solution today.

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